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Soft pastel colors - 24 colors

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Soft pastel colors from Prima | SOFT PASTELS PRIMA

Product Description :-

Prima soft pastel color palette is one of the first choices recommended by artists in the world of color.

Product Features :-

  • Prima Soft Pastel This set contains multiple shades and is easy to blend.
  • Soft pastel colors are characterized by the fact that the colors are in the form of soft rectangular fingers, which makes it easy to use and color with them.
  • The nature of the color body helps you to draw fine and transverse lines in his artwork, which gives the flexibility that any painter needs.
  • In addition, two or more soft pastel colors can be combined to create new colors and other shades. And since the color is soft and layered, the color can be used to get more than one shade.
  • Soft pastel colors were made by Prima brand, which is one of the most famous brands in the world of colors and stationery, it has been recommended by many artists and experts in the world of color.
  • It is characterized by its smoothness, and we find a single color in the form of layers, which in turn guarantees you clear, dense and bright colors that help you produce a wonderful work of art.
  • Soft pastel colors come in 24 assorted colors in varying degrees, giving you free space to choose between different colors, and each color from the set is in the form of square fingers, which makes it easy for you to work with.

Colors : 24 colors.

Pastel type : Soft pastel.

Brand :-   Prima.

Country of Manufacture : Korea .

9.45 USD
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Bandar Khaled

11 months ago

مره درجاتها اسطوريه 🥺.


صِبا الفهيد

1 year ago



رنا العمار

1 year ago


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