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Solid pastel colors - 24 colors

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Prima Solid Pastel | PRIMA HARD PASTEL

Product Description :  

  A set of solid pastel colors from Prima brand The box contains 24 high quality solid pastel colors, it comes in a rectangular shape that will help you draw large areas when used from the side, and you can draw fine details when drawing from the sharp edge, and it can be used directly or with Add water for a subtle watery effect.

Product Features:


  • The box contains 24 different colors of the best accuracy and high quality.
  • Colors can be used directly with an A3 watercolor sketchbook .  
  • This type of color is used for direct drawing on paper, sketchbooks, and drawing boards.
  • It can also be mixed with water to get a subtle watercolor effect that reflects the beautiful nature on canvases.
  • The flat shape of the colors makes you professionally and easily color large areas when drawing from the sides of the color pencil.
  • The sharp edge can also be used to draw fine details and color in small areas.
  • The color box is surrounded by a black sponge under and on top of the colors for preservation.
  • This preservation method reflects Prima's manufacturing precision.
  • Its color gradations give your paintings a sophisticated and attractive look, as if you were inside a beautiful natural scenery.
  • Artists and illustrators around the world use them and vouch for their ability to make paintings look realistic.
  • More than one color can be mixed within the palette to get more additional colors.
  • Each color has its own code number.
  • It can be used by children and adults, even beginners can use it in their paintings.
  • Strathmore notebook uses pastel colors and A4 gray paper.  
  • It can be used with a Luan water stone to give the paintings sparkle and more creativity.
  • Pastel colors are quick-drying colors that do not contain any dissolved substances.


Product details:  


  • Pastel type: solid pastel.


  • Number of colors: 24 colors.


  • Brand: Prima brand.


  • Country of Manufacture: Taiwan.
9.45 USD
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