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Strathmore A3 Sketchbook

23.76 USD

Strathmore Sketchbook | strathmore drawing paper

Product Description:

Strathmore Sketchbook contains 24 sheets of 163 gsm thick A3 paper that fits a wide variety of media.

Product Features:

Strathmore Sketchbook has high quality acid free ivory white paper, wood colors, pastels, lead, charcoal, markers and ink can be used on its paper.

brochure specifications:

  • Number of sheets: 24 sheets.
  • Paper colour: off-white.
  • Paper thickness: 163 gsm.
  • Book size: A3.
  • Colors that can be used with the brochure:

Wood colors, pastels, lead, charcoal, markers and ink

  • Brand: Strathmore.
  • Country of Manufacture: United States.

23.76 USD
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احمد فقيهي

7 months ago


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