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Strathmore A5 Kraft Notebook

strathmore 400 series toned tan pap

25.92 USD

Strathmore Craft Notebook | strathmore 400 series toned tan paper

Product Description:

Strathmore Brown Kraft Paper Notebook contains 112 sheets of paper, 118 gm thick, suitable for dry media and for studying light and shade.

Product Features:

This booklet features high quality kraft paper, perfectly suitable for light-colored drawing to make the drawing stand out and ideal for studies of light and shade, this paper comes in a thickness of 118 grams, can be used with lead, pastels, charcoal and wood pencils, covered with a black hardcover that can be painted for personalization.

Product details:

  • Number of sheets: 112 sheets.
  • Paper color: brown kraft.
  • Paper thickness: 118 gsm.
  • Notebook size: 14 * 20.3 cm.
  • Colors that can be used with the brochure:

Lead, pastel, charcoal, and wooden pencils

  • Brand: Strathmore.
  • Country of Manufacture: United States.

25.92 USD
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