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Strathmore Notebook Gray A4 Paper

Strathmore Pad Sketch Toned Gray

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Strathmore® Pad Sketch Toned Gray A4 Paper Notebook 118gsm


Product Description :

Strathmore A4 Notebook This booklet is characterized by a soft cardboard material and the leaves are in a wonderful gray color that helps you to highlight areas of light and illumination for a more professional and realistic result.

Product demonstration video:

Colors that can be used with Strathmore's booklet:

There are many colors that can be used with Strathmore's Sketchbook, it is suitable for the following types of drawing:

  • the pencils .
  • Pastel colours.
  • Wood colours.
  • Pens and charcoal pieces.
  • Felt colors from Markers brand.

Product Features:

  • Strathmore sketchbook makes landscapes more vivid and realistic.
  • This Strathmore sketchbook is made of soft cardboard.
  • The gray color of the Strathmore Sketchbook makes the user highlight areas of light in it.
  • It makes drawings and paintings more realistic and lifelike.
  • Easy to use for beginners and no learning or study required for the paintings to look great.
  • The Strathmore wire notebook is designed to make it easier for you to use and bend it while you draw.
  • It works to save time and effort in creativity and brilliance.
  • It works to give its owners the opportunity to shade and draw like a professional.
  • One of the advantages of these notebooks is that many colors can be used with them, such as the wooden colors of the Faber-Castell brand.
  • Strathmore's sketchbook can also be used with oil pastel colors, as well as the well-known vellum colors from the Markers brand.
  • Its papers cannot be torn as easily as many other types of sketchbooks.
  • Strathmore sketchbook is characterized by its soft paper quality and easy to use, so it is suitable for all illustrators and artists who are professionals of creativity and excellence.
  • Strathmore brand is one of the most famous American brands known for the quality of its raw materials.

Product details:


  • Paper Quantity: 50 pages.


  • Paper color: gray


  • Paper type: smooth.


  • Paper thickness: 118 grams.


  • Paper size: 22.9 x 30.5 cm, equivalent to A4 size.


  • Brand: Strathmore wire drawing book.


  • Country of Manufacture: America.
20.25 USD
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