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The gilded fourth edition chime

34.83 USD

Which is:

Box size 17/13 cm height 3 cm

An elegant marble design (with a gilded cover with a golden imprint) with a marble frame used for inserting cards

his idea:

52 cards for each week of the year in which positive inspirational phrases are printed and on the back of the card (gift postage) as a box for inspirational cards that are used for both inspiration and gifting in offices (work - home) and are suitable for both categories of men and women as a general taste. * Attached to the product is a special gift card for the product in which an inspiring quote written by the writer and writer Dalal Al-Amoudi is included.

34.83 USD
One comment

العنود الطامي

1 year ago

جدا جميله والعبارات💜💜💜رائعه

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