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Today . light board

10.53 USD

luminous panel | Illuminated panels

Together against the empty walls of beauty!!

Product Description :

A light-up sign that features an encouraging phrase that reads Today is your day, which means today is your day.

Product Features:

  • The board features the encouraging phrase Today is your day, which means today is your day.
  • The panel features 10 lights scattered around the edges of the panel to make the panel pleasantly lit.
  • It gives users an atmosphere of radiance.
  • The painting is distinguished that the letters on the board are prominent in a way that gives it beauty and sophistication.
  • The colors of the painting are beautiful and attractive to fill the place with optimism.
  • Since the weight of the board is light, it is possible to stick it with a double-sided adhesive, or the so-called double-face.
  • They can be attached to the walls using nails or what are called screws.
  • The luminous panel is made of the finest materials and has excellent manufacturing quality.
  • Its design is cute and suitable for all boys or girls.
  • Its colors are distinctive, especially the rose color that the painting carries and the canary yellow color in which the letters of the painting are written.
  • The lighting in this painting is stone working so it is easy to use even by children.
  • The empty walls give an aesthetic look, as it has a cute design and full of beauty.
  • This art painting is distinguished by its elegant and refined look that makes it the best thing to see in your daily life.

Tips before using a flashboard Today

Since the panel is light in weight, it is possible to dispense with screws and nails in its installation, and it is better to stick it using double face (with double-sided adhesive) due to the fact that its weight is not heavy.

Product details:

  • Board dimensions: 35 x 19 cm.

  • Panel Weight: The panel is lightweight and easy to carry.
10.53 USD
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