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Tond Tan Mixed Media A5 Notebook

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Strathmore Tond Tan Mix Media Brochure | strathmore toned tan Mixed Media pad

Product Description:

Strathmore's Tond Tan Mixed Media Notebook contains 15 heavyweight brown paper with a ridged surface and is 300 gsm thick.

Product Features:

Brown paper is distinguished by its ability to highlight areas of light and shadow, giving the painting a realistic and three-dimensional style. It is also ideal for studying high light and dark darkness. The surface of Strathmore's notebook paper has a slight bump that helps to color with multiple color media.

product specification:

Number of sheets: 15 sheets.

Paper colour: brown.

Paper thickness: 300 haram.

Booklet size: 27.9 * 35.6 cm.

Colors that can be used with the brochure: Can be used with both wet and dry media.

Paper pressure: smooth.

Brand: Strathmore

9.18 USD
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