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turpentine intermediate

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Turpentine medium from Shinhan Art | spirit of turpentine for professional artists' oil color

One of the most important tools used in drawing, which is the turpentine medium used to clean brushes, lighten colors and speed up their drying, which is indispensable with painters who prefer painting with oil colors to reduce their thickness and density.

✬ It is also the traditional solvent that artists have long used to dilute oil paints. It provides fast drying color.

Basic product information:

The turpentine medium has special specifications that make it an important choice by painters to dilute the colors and make them of moderate intensity. These specifications are as follows:

✬ Intended for oil colours.

✬ Product color: The turpentine medium has a translucent white color.

✬ Product Size: Package size is up to 55 ml.

How to use :

It is recommended to use 5 drops of Oily media With 4 drops of turpentine to smooth oily colors control in the intensity and thickness of the colors and make them shiny and smooth luster and quick drying

Product Features:

This product has an infinite number of features, of which we will mention some of them, and these features are as follows:

√ It is used to clean various drawing tools such as brushes, knives , palettes, and others after the completion of drawing paintings.

Helps dilute colors, especially oil colors, which are known for their high density and thickness, as it works efficiently to reduce and intensify the intensity to highlight the colors and make them appear shiny and more transparent.

Designed with high-quality materials that help loosen and remove paints from your painting tools easily, it has a clear white color in an ideal sized bottle.

This medium helps the colors to dry quickly, which prevents stains and distortions from forming in the painting.

√ It is used as a cleaner and remover of color traces in drawing tools to draw paintings accurately without worrying about paints on the tools.

Easily color-coded to make the painter more able to identify what he needs.

√ The package is large enough for as long as possible.

√ A few drops of it are enough to achieve the greatest benefit.

Product type: turpentine intermediate.

trade mark :

The brand of turpentine medium is Shinhan Art International.

country of origin :

South Korea is the country of origin and origin of this brand known for its various drawing tools.

4.05 USD

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