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watercolor set

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  Watercolor Collection Box Contents


A4 watercolor sketchbook.

4pcs tapered watercolor brushes set.

Adhesive tape for the edges of the painting.

Sakura eraser.

Sakura Pencil.

Watercolor Painting Kit Product Description

Watercolors consist of Arabic dyes most of the time. They are diluted with water in order to be suitable for use.

As for the brushes used, they are used to color the drawings.

And the sketchbook is important because it is drawn on, so it must be one of the strongest types of paper, like the sketchbook in the watercolor group.

√ As for the adhesive tape, it is used to place it on the edges of the paper that will be drawing on, using a pencil and brushes are painted to get the best drawing.

Features of the watercolor set

The watercolor painting kit features a strong adhesive tape to hold the drawing and help you create fine-edged art.

The drawing set also contains an A3 watercolor sketchbook made of strong paper that can be drawn on with ease. The drawing paper is also distinguished by the fact that the colors remain on it for a long time and maintain its luster and purity of colors.

Pointed paint brushes are the best type of brush for drawing and coloring.

The pencil is also characterized by its high quality of drawing and making distinctive lines that hold for a long time and can be used to draw many drawings on strong white paper.

The eraser has the ability to erase unnecessary drawings or extra lines on paper.

Number of Components Watercolor Drawing Kit

Watercolor drawing set consists of 21 tools, consisting of:

12 watercolors.

Watercolor sketchbook.

√ 4pcs of tapered brushes set for watercolor painting.

Adhesive tape for the edges of the painting.

Sakura eraser.

Sakura brand pencil.

watercolor set design

The watercolor drawing set is designed to suit all ages that love drawing, whether adults or children, and it contains a longitudinal sketchbook with strong papers, which is matte paper to hold the colors on. As for an attractive pencil shape that matches the shape of the wonderful eraser,

As for the set of pointed brushes, it consists of five different brushes that are suitable for drawing and have soft and thick hair as well, and they are of high quality.

As for the colors in the watercolor group, they have a strong effect on the paintings, so layers of colors can be placed on top of each other without mixing, and this point is one of its best features, as it is better than oil and acrylic colors, and you can also use them to make shadows and different effects in paintings.

♥ One of the best features of watercolor is that it is easy to mix the primary colors together and extract sub-tones, and one of the advantages of the watercolors in the watercolor set is that they dry quickly because they are diluted with water.

Usage Tips Watercolor Drawing Set

← One of the tips for using watercolors in the drawing group is not to use large amounts of water over the colors used.

We recommend not to press on the pencil while drawing to make it easier to erase with the eraser.

Coloring should be done quickly before the colors dry out from the water applied to them.

Use fine and thin brushes, which are suitable for coloring the simple details in the drawing.

Use flat brushes to paint large areas.

Watercolor Set Product Type

√ It is a watercolor drawing kit which is intended for beginner painters to use in school or at home to learn the basics of drawing.

Watercolor group brand

√ The watercolor brand is: Funbo

√ The eraser and pencil are: the famous Sakura brand.

25.65 USD
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التغليف جميـل حتى انها تحتوي على كل ما سيحتاجة الرسام للرسم بالألوان المائية


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حبيت التغليف للمجموعه جدا اول شيء ،، حرفيا كل شيء رائع وجودته ممتازه


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