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white gesso 250ml

8.10 USD

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Specifications and basic information about the product:

Product type: white gesso.

Product size: 250 ml.

Product Definition:

We offer you one of the best basic products used in drawing paintings, it is the basis of any painting, which is indispensable in the tools of painters, whether they are professionals or beginners, and it is the white gesso material that is used in the first layers of the painting to graduate in its best form, which we offer you with a raw material Global and original, as this product has its unique and distinctive specifications that make it a more efficient material.

Features of the white gesso:

The white gesso product has details and workmanship that make it one of the most used products in drawing all kinds of paintings in a perfect and wonderful way, due to its many features, and these features are as follows:

  It does not absorb a lot of colors, which makes it one of the most economical materials.

  Helps reduce painting defects and make it look perfect.

  Helps narrow the pores of the painting to reduce the use of a large amount of colors.

  Correcting defects that may result from an error in drawing and colors.

  Its layers can be light or thick as needed.

  Helps to establish the painting in a few layers.

  It can be a high-end gifts for talented people and lovers of drawing in general.

  Helps form a strong layer as the basis of the painting.

  Its prices are not very expensive despite its high quality and original material.

  The size is very suitable and usually lasts a long time.

How to use :

This white substance is placed as a layer on the paintings, whether they are paper, wood, or cloth such as canvas, using the paint brush, in order to put a layer that hides defects and makes them completely flat, or by using a thin sponge to determine the thickness of the textures and layers that can be used in drawing.

trade mark :  


the manufacture company :  

The parent company and manufacturer of such a world brand is Krill.

country of origin :  


8.10 USD

صبا العقيل

5 months ago

الجيسو لي فتره ابحث عنه مالقيته الى عندكم
بس بصراحة ماجربته بس احسة حلو


زوز علي

11 months ago



رهف ايمن

11 months ago


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