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White gesso 500ml

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Specifications and basic information about the product:

Product Type : White Jisoo.

Product size: 500 ml.

Product introduction:

The gesso is one of the most important tools used mainly in drawing in an initial and a basic layer before starting to draw the painting, and it is the white material that the painter uses to modify the paintings and draw them professionally and in a flawless manner to come out to us with their ideal image, as it is characterized by excellent material, appropriate size and high quality that the painter is looking for Before starting his professional art board.

What is gesso?

It is a material made from a number of different materials of paint and other chalk powders, which are used to prepare the surfaces intended for drawing, this material can be light or thick in texture according to the painter’s need.

Features of the white gesso:

The distinctive gesso product, which is made of excellent quality and is intended for the first layers of art paintings, has a sufficient number of features that make it an ideal choice for professional painters, and the features of this product are as follows:

✬ Gesso is used as a primer for paintings, in order to produce a perfect painting without flaws.

✬ The gesso helps hide the flaws of the painting.

✬ Reduces the pores of the painting so it does not absorb too much color.

✬ Easy to use You can use a paintbrush or a sponge to apply layers of it on the canvas before starting to paint.

✬ Its thickness can be controlled, it is possible to put light or thick layers as needed.

It is indispensable for painters, as it is one of the important and essential drawing tools.

✬ It can be one of the best gifts for drawing lovers.

✬ Made of high-quality materials that give quality and elaborate artwork.

✬ Its price is not expensive compared to its high-quality material, which is original.

✬ Its perfect size is enough for as long as possible.

How to use :  

This active substance can be used in drawing, by using a thin sponge to determine the thickness of textures and layers that can be used in drawing, and it can be used by a brush to spread it on the surface of the painting to prepare it.

trade mark :


the manufacture company :

The mother company and the basis for manufacturing this particular brand is creall.

10.80 USD

Bahja Sharif

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جميل ماتوقعت حجمه كبيير ..حبيته 😍


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