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White Jisoo 1000ml

17.55 USD

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Specifications and basic information about the product:

Product Type : White Jisoo.

Product size: 1000 ml.

Product Description:  

The painter is looking for the best tools that help in producing high-end and professional drawings and paintings, so we offer them one of the best materials used as a basis for paintings, which is the gesso material that comes in a very suitable size.

What is gesso?

It is a material manufactured from a number of different materials of paint and other chalk powders, which are used to prepare the surfaces designated for drawing, this material can be light or thick in texture according to the need of the painter.

Jisoo features:

The white gesso product has a number of advantages that are not available in similar products, which perform the same tasks, but not as efficiently, and these features are as follows:

✬ It is used as a concealer for defects on the types of surfaces intended for drawing, whether it is canvas or wood.

✬ It is used to fix the colors on the plates.

Reduces the pores of the painting to reduce the use and waste of a large amount of colors.

✬ Gesso can be used in an easy way, with a sponge or a brush alike.

Erase the defects of the paintings to show them professionally.

One of the most important tools and materials used in drawing.

Helps establish the layers of the painting.

✬ One of the great gifts for painters.

✬ Its material is not the same as it in the market, it is made of high quality materials and original and international materials.

Its size is large enough for very long periods.

How to use :  

This active substance can be used in drawing, by using a thin sponge to determine the thickness of the textures and layers that can be used in drawing, and it can be used by a brush to spread it on the surface of the painting to prepare it.

trade mark :


the manufacture company :

The manufacturer and its official headquarters is creal.

country of origin :


17.55 USD

فهد فهد

7 months ago

مابعد جربته بس روعة


شهد احمد

11 months ago



اروى القحطاني

1 year ago

حلو يأسس اللوحة من طبقه وحده.


Raghad Ahmad

1 year ago


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