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Wooden Colors + Van Gogh Pencils 24 Colors

45.90 USD

Van Gogh Wooden Pencils & Pencils | van Gogh pencils set

Product Description:

Pencils and wood pens in assorted shades from Van Gogh.

Product Features:

This set contains high quality wooden pencils and crayons, made of light and easy-to-wire wood, this set is ideal for both sketching and creating a complete canvas. Set of 12 graffiti pens in grades 9B to 1B plus grades HB, 1F and 1H.

It also has wood colors in rich and varied tones.

Product details:

  • Number of pens: 24 pens
  • 12 graphite pencils and 12 wood colours.
  • Brand: Van Gogh.
  • Country of Manufacture: Netherlands.
45.90 USD
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