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world drawing brush

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Dunya Artist Brushhes

Product Description :

Dunya Flat Single Paint Brush.

Product Features:

  • Dunya paint brush features soft hair to give you pure color without lumps.
  • A minimum paintbrush is used to paint large and wide areas when held horizontally.
  • It can also be used for coloring small areas or thinner elements and fine drawings if held vertically.
  • A minimalist paintbrush with a soft feel, as it does not affect the paintings or leave traces or hairs from the brush.
  • Can be used with Lefranc Bourjois brand acrylic paints 200ml.
  • It is also used with stone watercolors or with a watercolor palette.
  • It can be used with gouache colors with ease.
  • Contribute to the integration of colors with ease, whether on the canvases or inside the color palette.

Tips before using a minimum drawing brush:

There are some tips and instructions to keep in mind when using a minimalist paintbrush:

  • After use, the brush should be thoroughly cleaned and dried so that excessive water drops do not cause hair loss or damage.
  • Using a watercolor palette with the brush while blending the colors.
  • After drying the brush well, it must be placed inside its own bag to ensure its preservation.
  • After cleaning the brush, it should be placed in a horizontal or vertical shape to keep it from changing the shape of the hairs in it or being affected by the remaining water in it.

Colors that can be used with the brush:

Product details:

Number of brushes: one brush.

Hair type: brush hair is soft.

Brush shape: the brush is flat

Brand: Dunya.

1.62 USD
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