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Fenbow acrylic colors 17 colors

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Acrylic colors from FENBO | Acrylic color by funbo

Basic information about the product:

✬ Acrylic colors are specially made for young and old and artists with an artistic sense to be able to show their talent in a way that makes it wonderfully streamlined.

Product Description :

✬ Acrylic colors are generally characterized by being bright and shiny, and Fenbo colors are characterized by their multi-tone color and the possibility of merging to obtain any desired color.

product specification :

✬ Acrylic paint consists of many shades and colors that you can mix together to get multiple other colors.

number of components:

✬ Available in 17 shades with a capacity of 75 ml.

the design :

✬ Each color is placed inside its own tube, each tube has a capacity of 75 ml, and these tubes are collected in their own plastic pallet.

Features :

✬ These colors are designed of the finest types, as they give the image something of nature, so it becomes like a live image with all its details.

✬ Fenbo offers this type of color that children and adults compete for, because it helps them to complete the drawing process easily and smoothly without the slightest complications.

✬ These colors are distinguished by their purity and high quality, which appears when placed on the painting, giving luster and attracting the beholder to it.

✬ These acrylic colors retain their luster and attractiveness, which makes them the perfect choice when buying, as they retain their colors in a distinctive way under different lighting, showing the beauty of the painting and giving it a picturesque nature.

✬ Drying acrylic colors is medium speed.

✬ It helps beginners and talented people to show their art, so the painting looks alive thanks to the quality, purity and rawness of the colors that are reflected on the painting, so it is used by many talented and great artists.

✬ In addition, it helps beginners get the best result, which makes you get more than you expect.

✬ Fenbo plays a major role in the production of acrylic colors in its multiple and varied degrees, as it is in a remarkable development always and this development always appears in its production, and accordingly, it has succeeded in presenting many multiple and distinct groups of colors, which made it occupy a high rank thanks to the quality of those colors that always And never give an attractive touch to the viewer.

✬ In addition, it succeeded in producing these acrylic colors to meet the needs of all groups of children and adults, in addition to artists and talented people. Something from the magic of nature, they only had to use it always, and it became their weapon that helps to show the beauty of the painting.

✬ These acrylic colors provided by Fenbo are used on fabrics, whether they are linen fabrics, canvas paintings, paper plates, etc. They are suitable for all paintings and give an attractive view of these paintings.

Usage tips:

These Fenbo colors are completely safe for children and adults.

√ It is preferable after using those colors to close them and keep them in place away from infants to prevent any health symptoms.

Fenbo colors have obtained many approved certificates, which means the best ever.

These colors can be transferred anywhere because they are made of non-heavy tubes placed in a plastic box that makes them easy to carry and then you can walk with them anywhere without complications, which makes them distinctive in all respects and therefore it is recommended to buy them.

Product type: Acrylic paints from FENBO.

Manufacturer: Fenbo.

Country of Origin: Malaysia.

Brand: Fenbo.

25.65 USD 29.70 USD
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