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Lefranc Bourjois Professional Oil Colors 12 Colors

93.15 USD

Lefranc Bourjois Oil Colors | LEFRANC BOURGEOIS OIL COLOR

A set of 12-color oil colors from Lefranc Bourjois contains a group of wonderful colors with different shades, which give the paintings a special appearance that draws attention to them, and makes them more beautiful.  

Basic information and specifications about the product

  • This set of colors includes 12 colors of wonderful oil colors in their wonderful distinct shades, as they are characterized by multiple shades.
  • These colors are of high quality and accuracy, which gives the paintings a distinct and wonderful beauty.
  • Oil colors need a medium that is combined with the colors to dilute their intensity so that it is easy to work with, and evenly and correctly distributed on the paintings.
  • The density of the medium must be suitable and appropriate to the density of the oil colors so that the colors are not affected by the medium and change.
  • Oil colors are one of the best colors used by painters because they are easy to deal with, and easy to distribute on paintings.
  • The painter can draw several times on the painting painted with oil colors.
  • Drawing papers for oil colors are characterized by their thickness, and they must be heavy.
  • Oil colors do not dry quickly, which gives the painter the opportunity to modify the drawings if necessary.

Product details

Product Type : A group of oil colors characterized by several different shades.

Color type: tubular .

number of colors: 12 different oil shades.

Color Capacity: 20ml.

Brand: Lefranc Bourgeois.

Country of Origin: France.

93.15 USD
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