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Madisi acrylic paints 18 colors

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Medici acrylic paints | madisi acrylic color

Product Type :

Madisi acrylic colors 18 colors.

Product Description :

The artist is looking for smooth and easy-to-use colors that give an excellent result at the same time, so there is nothing better than acrylic colors, which are one of the most efficient types of colors and a tremendous ability to combine and highlight the details and features of the painting in an excellent way, which helps to show the artist’s talent that he cannot Express it only through drawing, so if you are looking for the best acrylic colors and a variety of numbers, they will be the perfect choice for you.

Product information and specifications:

This distinguished group of acrylic colors has special specifications, as follows:

✶ Number of colors: 24 colors.

✶ Color capacity: 12ml.

✶ Brand: Medici.

✶ Country of Manufacture: China.

Product Contents:

A set of acrylic colors designed for all types of paper and various colors.

the number of pieces :

The acrylic collection from Madisi has a number of 18 different and varied colors.

the design :

Designed to match different types of paper and brushes, these colors are a set of 18 different colors with a capacity of 12ml.

How to use :

It is used to draw various paintings on different papers by merging colors with each other using a brush.

Product Features:

These colors have a number of countless advantages, which are as follows:

✶ Easy to use and integrate.

✶ Medici colors are characterized by their color intensity, so they are an excellent choice for high coverage.

✶ Very heavy, and therefore perfectly suitable for use on panels with heavy materials, especially canvas panels .

✶ The colors are characterized by their complete clarity, and this contributes greatly to clarifying the small details in the painting.

✶ These colors are very stable, because they are made of heavy materials.

✶ Color constancy helps in obtaining graphics with distinctive and unique colors.

Acrylic colors are distinguished from other colors because they do not have any smell, which is why they are preferred by people who suffer from allergies.

✶ You don't need a specific brush to work with it.

✶ These colors come in a box of 18 colors, combining primary and secondary colors, and this facilitates the merging of colors and saves some time that some may need to combine some secondary colors.

trade mark :

The brand that manufactured these wonderful colors is Madisi International and is known for its manufacture of painting tools.

country of origin :


12.15 USD

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